We have all heard about ultra wealthy families having access to an integrated group of professionals—financial advisors, CPAs, insurance brokers and attorneys—all sitting at the table and working together on their behalf.

But what about the rest of us?

Most families are forced to meet individually with their financial, tax, and legal professional, all of whom are operating in silos. They don’t sit at the table together, they do not communicate, and often they are all trying to sell the client a product or service in an uncoordinated manner that is often not in the clients best interest.

The final product is that the client may have a lot of pieces of the puzzle (investment products, insurance policies, tax services, maybe even a will or a trust), but no one professional has put together a holistic blueprint of how all the pieces fit together in the puzzle.

Encompass Financial Planning operates a little bit differently from these other firms. We bring a framework to financial planning and wealth management that has historically only been available to ultra wealthy families. Our financial planning process brings together all of these components into a single, written plan that makes sure all the pieces are working together in an integrated manner that is in your best interest.


Value of a Holistic Advisor:



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